Lucciana Pereira

LUCCI SYTLucciana Pereira is the founder of Bikram HOT Yoga Mallorca, her journey in the yoga world in started in 1990, after trying many styles of yoga she read in the newspaper about Bikram Hot Yoga, she did her first class and was totally amused by the whole system.

“I dislike pretty much my first class, i left the studio in London so high and disoriented i thought they put something in the air hahaha, on my way home my whole body felt in a state of suspension and i got very intrigued”.

But her hectic lifestyle as lawyer and interior designer took her around the world and after years of long hours of work, countless travels, a lot of cigarette and 12 coffees (plus) a day, she got her first Transient Ischemic Attack called – TIA, same symptoms as a stroke, increasing the risk of having a stroke, she was very lucky to get through it but did not change her lifestyle.

After 8 months she had another one which paralyzed half of her face and left arms, and the doctors were very direct on this matter *We don’t believe you will manage the 3rd time around*.

That was her break point and she decides to retire and look after her health.

“Bikram HOT Yoga was first in my mind and from the day one i felt in love, after 4 months i was out of medication, i stop my two worth addicting coffee & cigarettes, and my health improves dramatically, in such amazing way that i decide was time to share the benefits of Hot Yoga with the ones i love”.

After 3 years practicing Hot Yoga Lucciana went to LA and spend 9 weeks with the master Bikram Choudhury, after (500 hours) of training she becomes a Certified Bikram Teacher.

But she did not limit herself and carry on learning, also Certificated Teacher by the Yoga Alliance in UK Fierce Grace Hot Yoga, Sivananda  Vedanta Forest Academy and Yin Yoga by Insight Yoga Institute, also certificated by Norman Blair in Yin Yoga in London, Expert in Yoga Therapy by the University of Ceu Cardenal Herrera, and her latest certification is in Inferno Hot Pilates ( becoming the first certificated teacher in Spain). She is an registered and accredited Senior teacher by the Yoga Alliance in UK.

Today she is one of the most certificated teachers in Spain, reaching more the 1.700 hours of teacher training with renamed senior teachers from different parts of the world, ( in her own words: A good and humble teacher should never stop learning …)

She has also a keen interest in Martial Arts, being a Brown belt in *Kyokushin Oyama*, alternative medicine Ayurveda & Homeopathy, practicing Zen meditation and Zen Buddhism since she was 17 years old.

She has been teaching in USA, Germany, Austria, Dubai, Spain, Brazil and in 8 different studios in UK. Mentored by one of Bikram’s first teachers, the renowned Michele Pernetta which got 26 years experienced, based in London with 4 successful studios in London called Fierce Grace Hot Yoga.

Lucciana receive daily students from all over the world, she is well known for her great sense of humour but not messing around when is time to get the job done, her teaching approach is based on an individual needs, especially with those with injuries, post surgery, and physical problems, she loves to be challenged and will always deal with acknowledging, kindness and understanding.

“I find working with people an incredible journey of inspiration, challenging my mind to become a better teacher and human being is awesome, with compassion, love, kind and humbleness. Every single class is a learning process for the students and especially for the teacher. Nothing makes me more happy to see students coming out of medications or tell me they can sleep properly after years of sleepless nights”.

Lucciana is also the founder of LaLucci (active sports wear)